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XELIOS BIOMETRICS is a manufacturer and creator of biometric systems based on the technology from the world leader, Safran Morpho. With over 35 years of experience in the field and currently deployed in over 80 countries, Safran Morpho has the largest database in the world (MORPHO in USA).

When our biometric solutions, initially developed for law enforcement and national defense, became available for commercial applications to companies and corporations both public and private, XELIOS biometrics created systems specifically for the needs of the commercial markets.

XELIOS BIOMETRICS develops proprietary systems, based on fingerprints, which today are in areas as diverse as banking, healthcare, sports, etc.

For example:



(Banking Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

Solution for banking and financial institutions in general, based on the use of fingerprints as a means of recognition and identification in banking and financial industry applications: ATM’s, home banking, payments (POS), etc.

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(Automated Soccer Identification System)

Solution created to strengthen security and safety in major sporting events, by the use of fingerprints to identify and control access of viewers and users in general.

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(Healthcare Automated Identification System)

Comprehensive biometric solution for the healthcare field, based on fingerprint identification of patients and healthcare personnel to facilitate services in areas as diverse as health centers, hospitals, emergency services, ambulances and pharmacies. Additionally, guaranteeing healthcare professionals access to patients medical records.

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Solución integral

Solutions for the corporate world

Biometric solutions for both physical access control (to buildings, facilities, restricted areas and offices) and logical access control to PCs and workstations, as well as customized solutions integrating payment systems for large campus integrated catering, vending and dining services. Fingerprint authentication guarantees protection of physical and logical assets while increasing the ease of use even when remote. A comprehensive audit log and customized reporting captures all transactions to confirm security policies are maintained in real-time.

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Present in Spain since 2004 (XELIOS BIOMETRICS SA), in 2012 the company has set up new offices in New York (XELIOS BIOMETRICS INC) and Buenos Aires (XELIOS BIOMETRICS SRL). Today there are alternatives in the world of biometrics, but no comparable technology to that of XELIOS BIOMETRICS, the only one delivering a quick and efficient response, endorsed by satisfied customers.







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