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XELIOS BIOMETRICS is a manufacturer and creator of biometric systems based on the technology from the world leader, Idemia. With over 35 years of experience in the field and currently deployed in over 80 countries, Safran Morpho has the largest database in the world. XELIOS BIOMETRICS develops proprietary systems, based on fingerprints, which today are in areas as diverse as banking, healthcare, sports, etc.



In this section you will find the different biometric products with their characteristics and specifications. These products have the function of quickly integrating biometrics into a wide range of applications that require a high level of security. They are classified according to the type of access:

  • Physical Access Biometric Devices

    Xelios offers a wide range of products mainly for the purpose of physical access control, clocking in and out and attendance control. All of them are versatile and robust terminals, certified by the most important agencies worldwide…

  • Logical Access Biometric Devices

    Fingerprint and multimodal sensors for enrolment and identification for the purpose of logical access control, which can also be used in other applications requiring biometric identification such as payment, customer loyalty schemes, automated cash dispensers, etc.

  • Mobile Devices

    Mobile services are revolutionizing our way of life every day, offering ease of use and savings in time. The use of sensitive data is increasing: It is imperative that all transactions and all associated data be protected continuously. Mobility should not compromise security.

  • OEM Modules

    Biometric devices that allow rapid integration of biometrics in a wide range of applications that require a high level of security. Morpho, world leader in biometrics, has developed the first multimodal device capable of capturing and processing biometric data of the venous network of the fingers, fingerprints, optical reading and even the possibility of detecting false fingers.

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