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Secure biometric tablet for trusted services

  • Android-based tablet with incorporated FBI PIV IQS and STQC certified optical fingerprint sensor
  • Tamper-proof hardware, cryptographic functions and secure device management
  • Integrated NFC and contact/contactless smartcard readers
  • 3G (Voice & Data), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication
  • Ready to host customer specific developments or pre-loaded with Morpho proprietary applications

Mobile business and services are revolutionizing our day-to-day life, bringing convenience and time savings to a life on-the-move. With mobile applications involving increasingly sensitive data, it is absolutely imperative that every transaction and all data remain secure: mobility must not threaten security.

Morpho – the worldwide leader in biometrics – presents MorphoTablet™, an enterprise class touch-sensitive device which adds the security of biometrics (fingerprint + face) and cryptographic functions to mobile operations.

MorphoTablet™ offers the perfect platform for mobility, versatility and data security, enabling you to deliver trusted services in any sector, anytime, anywhere.

Above all, security… and confidence

Strong authentication capabilities

Using Morpho’s World leading fingerprint and face biometric technologies, smartcards and passwords

Tamper-proof hardware

The data stored in the internal secure element are deleted and the device is locked-down in case of tampering

Encryption functions

The embedded crypto-processor protects sensitive data, file system and communication channels (2048 bit PKI, 256 bit AES, B ase64 , SHA 256, 3DES, True Random Number Generator)

SAM (Secure Access Module) card reader

Secondary secure element, acting as an “integrated safe” for digital certificates and cryptographic keys

Secure device management

MorphoTablet™ is fully compatible with Android antivirus and Fleet Management solutions (Symantec™, McAfee®, AirWatch™ etc.)

Software options

Morpho iMobile suite (MiMs)

A set of pre-loaded applications designed for: enrollment, biometric (fingerprint and face) identification, secure e-Document verification, crime scene investigation

Customer specific applications

Developed on demand.

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