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MorphoSmart® MSO OEM
OEM Multipurpose Fingerprint Module

  • Fast authentication and identification
  • High performance optical sensor
  • FBI PIV IQS certified
  • FIPS 201 approved template generator and matcher
  • Advanced device for enrollment phase

The MorphoSmart™ MSO OEM is a smart biometric optical device which allows the rapid integration of biometrics in a wide range of applications requiring a high level of security.

MSO OEM is designed for high-contrast image acquisition, and fast biometric template processing, verification and identification. The MSO OEM module meets and exceeds FBI PIV IQS requirements.

This device fits perfectly the following applications:

  • Registration: ID cards, immigration, voting and welfare system, access control, etc.
  • ID check as an add-on device for any kind of transaction terminal, PC, POS, ATM, etc.
  • Enrollment stations for physical access control or time & attendance systems

The best of Morpho’s fingerprint technology

The MorphoSmart™ MSO OEM includes embedded software components integrating Morpho’s world famous biometric algorithms. They support ANSI/INCITS 378 and ISO 19794-2 interoperable minutiae formats and are approved by the FIPS 201 Evaluation Program. Morpho’s technology ranks first place at the Ongoing MINEX benchmark for interoperability.

Morpho is committed to offering the best and most affordable technology for industry and governmental applications.

A world of advantages in a compact design

High speed

1:1 authentication (0.8 sec.) and 1:N identification (0.9 sec for 500 users)


FBI PIV IQS certified optical sensor (500 dpi), with large capture area: 23mm x 23mm

FIPS 201 approved template generator and matcher

Large database up to 10,000 templates

FChoice of template format

Morpho proprietary, ISO 19794-2 or ANSI/INCITS 378


La tasa de falsa aceptación (FAR) es configurable hasta 10-8 dependiendo de los requerimientos de seguridad. Alta precisión procesando huellas juveniles.


The false acceptance rate (FAR) can be adjusted down to 10-8 depending on the required level of security. High accuracy when processing juvenile fingers


The optical sensor technology offers longer life–time and enhanced resistance to electro-static discharges, scratches and shocks. With the entire module sealed from dust and water, it can be easily integrated into IP 65 -rated end products.

Capable of supporting 2 communication protocols: RS232 or USB interfaces


Versatile, same device for enrollment and identification

Security features in option.

Equipped with the security option, the MSO OEM combines in one device the technologies of biometric authentication and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to offer a truly secure solution for positive person authentication. This technology is compatible with existing X.509 PKI

Compliant with CE, FCC and RoHS standards

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