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MorphoAccess MA® 500 + series
Fingerprint access control and time & attendance teminal

  • Multifactor authentication and 1:N identification
  • Large storage capacity: up to 50,000 users
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)
  • MIFARE® and DESFire® contactless card reader/encoder (optional)
  • Optional wireless LAN communication
  • FBI PIV IQS certified sensor

The MorphoAccess® 500+ Series (MA 500+) are versatile biometric terminals intended for access control and time & attendance. They use the Morpho proprietary algorithms, which have acquired worldwide reputation for their accuracy and level of performance.

Their rapidity and networking capabilities enable them to address all security applications, from one-door control to the protection of buildings, warehouses, vast infrastructures and government agencies. MA 500+ offers value-added retailers and access control manufacturers a reliable, powerful and scalable solution.

The know-how of the world nº1

Wide area, accurate fingerprint sensor , for high definition fingerprint image acquisition


The MA 500+ terminals offer the highest level of security on the market


0.7 sec in authentication mode and 0.9 sec in 1:1000 identification mode (including detection, coding and matching)


Depending on the required level of security, the false acceptance rate (FAR) can be configured down to 10 -8

Powerful capabilities in a small package

  • The highest database capacity on the market: up to 50,000 users with MA-Xtended license
  • Multifactor authentication: with MIFARE® and DESFire® contactless card reader, fingerprint and PIN code
  • Operates in standalone or networked modes. For small populations, it is possible to capture fingerprints and encode badges on the terminal itself.
  • Equipped with numerous interfaces for easy integration into existing systems
  • Trusted and versatile
  • Option: false finger detection with optronic sensor

Multipurpose software

MorphoAccess® Enrollment & Management System (MEMS)

Complete application for centralized management (enrollment, terminals management, verification station)

Morpho Integrator´s Kit (MIK)

Enables integrators to interface rapidly their own proprietary Windows® based applications to the MA 500+ Series.

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