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Banking Automated Fingerprint Identification System

The main objective of a bank is to increase returns and eliminate fraud. New technologies such as fingerprint recognition have emerged as a strong authentication solution to resolve many of the problems related to bank fraud. Leveraging this strong and convenient authentication Xelios Biometrics provides the means to increase bank revenues by retaining third party credit card transaction fees at the ATM and POS



“Undoubtedly, biometric is the most secure way to authenticate, the most difficult to imitate and duplicate”

Gartner Inc

“The real goal of Biometrics is to end the PIN and the card, so no one has anything to steal”


Xelios Biometrics Banking Automated Fingerprint Identification System (BAFIS),is a turnkey biometric authentication system capable of working with databases of tens and hundreds of millions of user records and respond in less than one second. BAFIS integrates with external services such as ATM’s, Home-Banking, fingerprint enabled POS terminals in addition to internal business processes such as management of passwords (SSO) and protection of digital certificates to include both physical and logical access control. All modules are integrated into the existing customer IT data systems a scalable and turnkey system. Xelios easy to administer system can usually be handed over to the customer’s IT department after three days of training and is backed with Xelios’ 24 hour 7 day a week remote and on-site support.

Installed in Bank’s data processing center, BAFIS consists of a turnkey hardware and software solution which contains the customer fingerprint identification data (minutiae) and compares both the fingerprint patterns and symmetric keys. A positive ID will then provide an ATM (Bio -Pad), a biometric token (Home-Banking) or a biometric POS device it’s session registration. The fingerprint verifies the customer’s identity in full compliance with international ANSI and ISO standards.

Strong encryption ensures end-to-end transactional security of the fingerprint minutiae thus providing data integrity, authenticity and privacy. Databases are encrypted and validation is performed in completely safe customer back-office environments. The system performs with a minimum response of 320 transactions per second and is scalable in modules of one million users.


The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB) of 1999 and its Safeguard provision mandates the protection of customer data and control of access by banking staff.


Bank system information security

Ensuring security for remote users is essential in today’s enterprise and is exemplified in the financial institution. The financial institution has an obligation …


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