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ASIS Automated Soccer Identification System

The problem of security in the stadiums: the role of technology


The access management to soccer stadiums and other sporting events is, in most cases, as complicated as that given in airports and stations. With flows of people from several thousand fans, millions among the various sports clubs, it’s difficult to control the identity of those who access them.

Security is increasingly necessary in our daily lives. In places and times when there is a large concentration of people, security is threatened. This is the case of stadiums and sports arenas.

Some of the problems identified are for example:

  • The stands of the stadiums are often scenes of violent actions, also often penalized with fines to clubs. And these clubs can not prevent these violent groups from returning to the stadiums.
  • The reselling systems and identifying entries make it easy to circumvent security systems, spreading rapidly among the thousands of fans who also seek to enter the stadium.
  • Some users may get uncontrolled high number of subscriptions that hinder access to new partners and are used for other commercial purposes outside the Club

The CE, the FIFA, The National Federations and The Clubs have asked for solutions to violence in stadiums.


Everyday we read news headlines such as: “Italian Euromembers call on the European Union rules against violence in soccer”, “The European Union looks to create a policy against violence in sports”, “FIFA affected by violence in sports”, “UEFA, against violence in sports”… The sports clubs try to provide increasingly innovative image and differentiating with the environment, providing the highest customer service and ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction.

Biometric technologies provide a new element (“something that I am”) to avoid such gaps, also providing mobility, innovation, ergonomics, safety and constituting a basic loyalty tool.

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