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The XELIOS solution authenticates remote VPN connections by associating fingerprint with the digital certificates securely generating a one-time password (OTP) for the session.

Portal access through the company website is positively confirmed from any PC connected to the internet without prior installation ensuring absolute mobility.


XELIOS solution provides a complete high level of security, replacing simple passwords for strong authentication procedures: Each user will have a biometric token which will generate a unique code, valid only for the current connection. When prompted, the user puts their fingerprint (what you are) on fingerprint sensor, and the biometric token (transparent to the user) will issue the user’s certificate and after validation it will generate a unique code (OTP – what you know).

The three modalities correctly authenticated constitute proof of identity.

The evolution of technology in today’s economy has created new ways of remote access and tele-commuting. At the same time, new technologies have emerged to ensure opening of these services is accompanied by a safety device to prevent fraudulent acts and ensure the identity of the payer.

XELIOS VNA is a complete and ultimate solution for its security level and simplicity of use. Companies wishing to offer their employees and customers the ability to use a remote connection will find a full suite of capabilities to support any configuration requirement.

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