Comprehensive biometric


Comprehensive biometric solution: Unification of security systems in identity management

Most physical access control systems utilize cards to control access to secure facilities. In the case of logical access control to computer and network resources user names and passwords sometimes in combination with SmartCards for added security. But there are few integrated physical and logical access control systems despite the many obvious benefits.


The authentication methods of card or user name and password do not prevent an unauthorized individual to gain physical or logical access if they possess the card or knowledge to access and enter restricted areas. The solution to this problem is to physically confirm the user is the genuine individual and not in possession of a stolen card or login. Biometric technologies provide strong authentication of genuine users and prevent security breaches while enabling adding mobility, transparency and ease of use. With the simple act of placing the finger on a sensor, the world’s most accurate fingerprint technology from Idemia (formerly Safran Morho) will confirm ID in less than a second. When combined with smart cards, biometrics also allow multifactor user authentication to harden the security system.

Card, password, key

  • Possibility of loss.
  • Risk of robbery and being used for not authorized people. Some systems can be forged.
  • As physical objects, they can be copied and there is a real risk of loss or fraudulent use by several people
  • The management of some systems can be complicated in those cases where there was a high number of users.
  • It can be needed several methods of authentication for different accesses.


Fingerprint (PKI)

  • Integration of physical with logical. The forge of a fingerprint is impossible
  • The fingerprint recognition allows an easy and central management.
  • Each people have their own “key” and they take it always with him/her. This “key” cannot be stolen or lost.
  • A single “key” can open all the access for which it is authorized. Mobility without precedent.
  • Innovation, difference with competitors.

Xelios Biometrics is unique in providing and linking the Physical and Logic al Access Control Systems:

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