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HAFIS is a biometric identification system for the healthcare sector. HAFIS is scalable with databases up to millions of users with maximum response times less than three seconds per transaction. HAFIS integrates exiting Physical Access, Time Attendance and Logical Access systems with the security and convenience of a simple fingerprint to protect patient data while making it instantly accessible to authorized physicians and staff.


HAFIS, links the different systems through a unique biometric fingerprint to:

Provided fast and accurate biometrics identification

Link disparate services and applications, to better manage and understand the various information sub-systems contributing to the total hospital information system

System features

Being a centralized system, there is no need to re-enroll users in order to obtain physical or logical access to the application. Storing the fingerprint is unique for all systems.

HAFIS system capabilities:

  • Patient and physician Identification

  • Physicians logical access to hospital applications

  • Secure access to extranets and medical records (logical access)

  • Physical access to facilities

  • Control of time and attendance

  • Third party services (Payment in cafeteria, vending areas…)

Identification of patients and

This solution consists of a hardware / software system that contains the identification data (minutiae) of the fingerprints of patients, physicians, etc., and is able to compare the patterns and symmetric keys that provides online communication with ambulance hospitals or pharmacies, verifying and ensuring the patient’s identity and ensuring the associated services.

The encryption ensures security defined end-to-end of the minutiae of the fingerprint, with full guarantees to the principles of integrity / authenticity and privacy. The databases are also encrypted, performing validation in completely safe environments. Keep in mind that the HAFIS system complies with current legislation so that the biometric information that is stored is not reversible (not can “rebuild” a fingerprint from the stored data), or any data stored in format graphic prints.

HAFIS system integration within the healthcare system can be performed at different levels. In any case, the database would be unified.

Registration of user’s biometric data (user registration) would take place at enrollment stations, located in hospitals. An application installed in these centers allow us to perform the registration of the biometric data and store it in the HAFIS system.

Physician/staff logical access to
hospital applications

This solution allows you to replace current identification systems in applications (user-password) for a biometric identification system (fingerprint). Xelios technology can be integrated with different intranets and Hospital software (HCIS) and any WEB platform, thanks to the integration components of Xelios which are provided in different formats.

Logical integration for different applications

Logically fingerprint recognition can be integrated into every system, including computer log-ins, signing records, third-party applications (payment services), time control, nutritional management,…. Xelios is integrated with the SSO solution from IBM, Tivoli, providing a tool for an even easier integration.

Physical access to facilities

The security module HAFIS system allows us to consolidate different security areas under one technological standard. It is a system that provides security, mobility and unprecedented innovation. It is a scalable system with global reach: within the same system we can integrate, access sensitive areas, warehouses, hospitals, pharmacy, computer room, etc. The identity of the user accessing an area is guaranteed by using a pattern recognized as biometric fingerprint.

Areas of access can be configured from the same station or from enrollment security module. So, once registered, users can access the different areas by simply placing their finger previously enrolled in the biometric terminal. The terminals are multifactor and can simultaneously or independently program access through fingerprint and / or card and / or PIN.

Control time and attendance

The HAFIS system centrally collects all access to the system, both physical and logical. These markings are dumped into the desired system for the use of time management or they are processed and displayed by the control modules for customizable scheduling. Currently we have integrated our records with SAP, PeopleSoft,…

Since biometric devices are synchronized we can ensure the accuracy of the markings.

The information obtained from these markings can be made at midday for the HR department of the hospital, for example:

  • Report of the hours worked per employee/ month
  • Report casualties, holiday, etc
  • Employees report by department
  • Report specific facility access

Third-party services (biometric payment, etc.)

The HAFIS system can provide any solution the customer wants, using the fingerprint as a means of identifier, allowing, for example, payment by fingerprint in vending machines, electronic devices and POS for dining and cafeterias. Integrates easily to any restaurant management system, catering and canteen services and other service areas involving a payment system.

Advantages of the solution

  • It is a non-intrusive solution for the patient
  • Ensures a quick identification of the individual at the right time
  • It allows us to mark a moment of unification of information
  • Fast and scalable deployment and configuration
  • Open and scalable solution (Complies with industry standard and high level of accuracy)
  • Sustainability of the solution tested
  • Prevents identity theft
  • Provides access to medical services and limits their allowable use
  • Records data connection

Political Community Benefits

  • Recognition by the population of better service the community

User Benefits

  • Quick care in case of an accident the simple positioning of a finger on the sensor enables the download of patient health information. No need to wait to get to the hospital or wait for new analytical
  • Reduced medical response time
  • Reduced aftermath affect post delayed medical attention
  • Reduced error rates

Health Benefits

  • Lower costs, by reducing the number of analytical.
  • Complies with current policies.
  • Better use of medical and public resources, by reducing response time.
  • Reducing treatment cost as a result of delayed medical treatment.

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