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Electronic Wallet: Payment system dining/cafeteria

Integrating corporate services such as cafeteria, parking, fleet and vehicle check in and out and almost any other with the holistic system offers many advantages. Even vending machines have been integrated to use fingerprint as a means of payment against an employee’s credit.


Xelios Biometrics ties together any management dining system, catering services, canteen services and other scenarios involving a payment system. The system is based on a physical cashier to record items or services consumed and the software module that integrates employee record with the collection and updating of credit notes and event handling. This allows employees to quickly pay for goods and services with full reporting and transparency as simply as placing the finger on a scanner to confirm ID as payment.

MSO 1300 cash collector

integrated biometric sensor

The client/ employee of the company must have a positive balance in their account to charge goods and services with their fingerprint. In a system using hard cash, bills are loaded into cash collectors at various locations. These cash collectors have a touch screen and a fingerprint sensor. When the user adds money to their account they can insert bills into the device and the system will prompt the user to confirm ID with fingerprint. If validation is successful the system will credit the money into the users PKI. The user can then proceed to make purchases making using the biometrics enabled POS stations or vending machines.

MSO 300

The customer paying in the dining area or cafeteria, drawing fuel or checking out a fleet vehicle will place their finger on the MSO sensor 300 located at the checkout. The system will record and deduct the amount of user services. If the customer has no balance, or was restricted for any reason they will not be able to complete the transaction.


BioCASH is based on the Xelios application module PRICILA allowing payment by cash, credit card and fingerprint.

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