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For large organizations and companies, the data protection mandates have accelerated adoption of identity controls of individuals who work within a company and auditing the safe use of such personal data.

For network administrators, the Data Protection Act represents a number of challenges. As these standards propagate globally new tools are required to comply with regulations with a minimal impact on the budget and workload of IT managers. The XELIOS solution is flexible to adapt to the various regulations that continue to evolve, and ensures system administrators a future-proof solution to address the issues of mandated data protection.


Our mission is to ensure the transition according to EU and other Data Protection Acts by increasing the security of the systems, providing a rapid return on investment and increasing productivity.

Login initial work platform

Xelios X-Login module assumes all functions of the Microsoft GINA, with up to three coordinated authentication modalities (biometric fingerprint, card or token and PIN). X- Login provides hardened security for both local and remote sessions and supports and exceeds the Microsoft security protocols such as rotating passwords. Furthermore, by fully integrating with the physical access control and time attendance system logical rules can be enable. For example, if a user is not physically present in a building, an alarm should be triggered if that account attempts an on-site login. Another common example is an employee that is dismissed from the company will have their privileges revoked across all systems from physical, logical, time attendance, etc.

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