Biometric devices

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MorphoSmart CBM Series

The MorphoSmart™ CBM Series is a range of compact fingerprint modules. They use Morpho’s patented optical technology and biometric algorithms, both acknowledged worldwide for their high levels of accuracy and performance and their exceptional robustness

Whether used for off-the-shelf or custom-made applications, the MorphoSmart™ CBM Series offers a flexible, cost-effective solution for the fast and secure processing of high quality fingerprint images. Integrators can rapidly add the benefits of fingerprint recognition to their applications, without having specific knowledge of biometrics.

    Large acquisition surface for optimized capture and repeatable placement

    The CBM’s capture surface (14x22mm) ensures that the richest area on fingerprints is systematically captured time after time. Acquisition surface contributes significantly to the overall biometric performance:

  • It determines the amount of minutiae data that can be captured
  • Other, smaller sensors, allow different areas of the same finger to be presented with each placement, leading to poor data acquisition, narrow areas of overlap and matching errors
  • Lessons learnt from real world deployments put into practice

  • Mechanical/visual guides ensure intuitive finger placement
  • Interfaces display key information to help users: live image, messages (position, pressure etc.) and fingerprint quality score

  • Optical technology offers superior image quality

  • High performance sensor: 500 dpi, 256 grey levels
  • Available output formats include RAW, ISO 19794-4 or WSQcompressed (under license) images