Comprehensive biometric


Physical access control and time & attendance

The Xelios INTEGRAL biometric system consolidates disparate authentication systems such as physical access, logical access and employee time & attendance. This connection of system results in a holistic level of operational awareness and control. Security, mobility and transparency are achieved and user rights flow from premises access to network access. This feeds into time & attendance record keeping to ensure accurate accounting of payroll. INTEGRAL is fully scalable system from single site, remote and virtual voices to the global enterprise level. By achieving a holistic level of operational control increased security opens exciting opportunities such as enterprise wide eWallet services for cafeteria, procurement, parking, etc. INTEGRAL provides federated security to link and manage corporate buildings, voices, power centers, computer centers, battleships centers, command and control, etc.

Physical Access


A user can access their authorized areas by simply placing their finger on the biometric sensor. The sensors all support multifactor modalities and any existing card or PIN can be simultaneously employed to ensure the genuine card holder is granted access.

Level 1

The asset value is such that protection is required against what are considered technically weak attacks. Such attacks include stealing a card, knowledge of a pin, attempting to use a photocopied fingerprint.

Level 2

The asset value or risk exposure is such that protection is required against what are considered medium level technical attacks. Such attacks include everything from level 1 but also must be hardened against knowledge and tools to recover a fingerprint from the sensor and withstand a fake finger in forms such as latex or a “gummy”.

Level 3

The asset value or risk exposure is such that protection is required against what are considered strong technical attacks from high profile attacks experts (“hacking”) to Such attacks include everything from Levels 1 and 2 but must also be hardened against low level interception and insertion, all spoofing techniques and even detection of amputated fingers…

Presence an

attendance control

The Xelios Biometrics Time and Attendance system is an integrated workforce management application that takes input from traditional “clocks” but also from the movement of staff as recorded on the fingerprint access control points. As employees move about the enterprise valuable knowledge is recorded for analysis in a variety of reports to increase HR effectiveness and completely eliminate “buddy punching” and other kinds of fraud.

The Xelios system is flexible to fit within any organizations existing payroll system. It will positively confirm user ID for all workforce events such as presence or absence of employees, work schedule, working hours, reasons for absence, overtime, vacation, training and labor contracts, etc. Because Xelios integrates physical and logical access control with traditional “clocks” to arm an organization with a real time view of HR allocations and implement efficiency, productivity and cost saving measures.

The Xelios solution maintains audit trails on each system event in real time. This affords any number of reports from time and locations of users during a period, when a user has accessed a terminal, how long they has been on it, what sub-systems they have been granted access to (SSO) and so on. Basic and customized reports are available from everything such as the number of hours worked daily, weekly and monthly, or more complex and custom reports that can even trigger other actions automatically.

Utilizing specialized fingerprint sensors from Idemia, Xelios can simultaneously perform two operations: capture the fingerprint image and take several impedance measurements at different positions of the skin. These impedance measurements classify different types of skin and fingers detect substitute materials such as paper, gelatin, latex etc. These fingerprint sensors are designed to detect and prevent various types of attacks, by recognizing fake fingers, or even the use of a combination of real and fake fingers.

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