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ID Screen 60

Leveraging the improved ergonomics and performance of ID Screen, the new ID Screen 60 offers a larger fingerprint sensor. This allows fast and convenient tenprint capture. Rugged and lightweight, ID Screen 60 can be used in any environment, even the most challenging.

    Outstanding performance

    ID Screen 60 offers reliable data capture. Its larger fingerprint sensor enables fast and accurate tenprint acquisition. A high-quality back camera and two LED lights offer homogeneous lighting for the portrait. This also prevents specular reflection on the MRZ when capturing ID documents with the camera.

    Unequalled ergonomics

    ID Screen 60 is lightweight (less than 1kg) and has a flat design, which makes it convenient to use. Its vertical orientation improves stability and comfortable positioning for face and document capture. A shoulder strap can be added for even more comfort.

    Adapted to all environments

    ID Screen 60 is a robust tablet that can be used in any environment. The IP65 ingress protection makes it resistant to difficult operating conditions. ID Screen 60 comes with a powerful 12,000mAh battery. Thanks to a speed charger with power supply, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in less than 2 hours.