Biometric devices

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MorphoSmart MSO OEM y XX1

Choose leading edge technology from the world leader in biometrics The MSO XX1 OEM complements the MorphoSmart™ range and offers the possibility to detect a fake finger thanks to Morpho’s patented optronic sensor technology. The MSO XX1 OEM module meets and exceeds FBI PIV IQS requirements.

    This device is perfectly suitable for the following applications

  • Access control to high-security environments
  • Readers left unsupervised
  • Identification for banking transactions (POS, ATM)

  • The best of Morpho’s fingerprint technology

  • The MorphoSmart™ MSO XX1 OEM includes embedded software components integrating the Morpho algorithms, approved by the FIPS 201 Evaluation Program. Morpho technology ranks first place in the Ongoing MINEX benchmark for interoperability, conducted by NIST.

  • Capable of supporting 2 communication protocols

  • RS232 or USB interfaces.

  • Capable of supporting 2 communication protocols

    High speed

  • 1:1 authentication 1:N (0.8 sec.) and 1:N identification (< 1 sec for 500 users)

  • Accurate

  • The false acceptance rate (FAR) can be adjusted down to 10-8 depending on the required level of security. High accuracy when processing juvenile fingers

  • Robust

  • The optical sensor technology offers longer life–time and enhanced resistance to electro-static discharges, scratches and shocks. With the entire module sealed from dust and water, it can be easily integrated into IP 65-rated end products.