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AFA Solution: registration of Argentina´s National Soccer Team

Players and Coaching Staff performed the registration process in the AFA Housing Sports Complex in Ezeiza at the beginning of September 2013.

A few days before playing against Paraguay for the 2014 Brazil qualifications, the Argentine National Soccer Team started the registration process for the AFAPLUS system at the Complex of the Ezeiza Estate,a place specially prepared for the occasion. This is a further step in order to fully implement ISIS (International Soccer Identification System) solution.

Xelios began the project in 2009, when the UTNFRBA (National Technological University- Regional of Buenos Aires) and the AFA (Argentinian Football Association), began searching for a reliable and secure system for the unique identification and access control of spectators across Argentina. Among others proposed solutions, the proposed solution by TELECOM ARGENTINA was chosen, which integrated the biometrics of XELIOS, already deployed at Bernabeu, the Real Madrid soccer stadium. An initial system was deployed at Later that same year, XELIOS performed a pilot of the ISIS system in the Brigadier Estanislao Lopez Stadium (Colon Athletic Club of Santa Fe, Argentina). The successful pilot project culminated in 2011 with the signing of an agreement to carry out the mass implementation of the ISIS solution, which is currently taking place.

ISIS is a system designed to:

  • Reduce fraud
  • Deny violent spectators access to soccer fields
  • Provide easy access to valid spectators, thanks to convenience factor
  • Enable the exchange of records between national and international clubs

The solution incorporates MSO300 fingerprint sensors for enrolling users and OMA520 terminals for access to stadiums. The deployment of the ISIS system will continue through 2013.

AFA Press release September 2013

RTVE- La 1 News- 26/09/2013- AFAPLUS to fight violence in soccer

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