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Xelios Biometrics works with the MedicAlert Foundation

Xelios Biometrics and MedicAlert Foundation Bring Lifesaving. Fingerprint and Finger Vein Scanning Technology to Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

Accurately Identify Patients as a Safety Precaution prior to Delivery of Carey

(May 1, 2015) Xelios Biometrics and the nonprofit MedicAlert Foundation have developed an exciting new joint partnership to improve emergency response outcomes, increase patient safety and reduce medical errors. In the event of an emergency, patients may not be able to communicate their health history, medications, life-threatening allergies, or
even their preferred hospital. Once admitted, there is the additional threat of isidentification when rendering lifesaving services; and the chance for data duplication during the admission process averages around 10-12% nationwide. These challenges have the potential of directly threatening the care and treatment of the patient due to inaccuracy of

The myLife-Touch program provides free devices to hospitals and EMS vehicles that link an individual’s fingerprint to secure critical health information and immediate identification. This allows more informed treatment and care while in transit and upon arrival at the hospital or admitting facility.

The myLife-Touch program focuses on linking an individual’s fingerprint and finger vein patterns to a universal electronic health record that is powered through MedicAlert Foundation in full compliance with HIPAA and other state and federal standards. In addition to accessing MedicAlert’s secure server, the program is scalable with databases up to millions of users with maximum response times less than three seconds per transaction. The program also integrates existing physical access, time attendance and logical access systems with the security and convenience of a simple fingerprint to
protect patient data while making it instantly accessible to authorized physicians and staff.

System capabilities:

  • Patient and physician identification
  • Physicians logical access to hospital applications
  • Secure access to extranets and medical records (logical access)
  • Physical access to facilities
  • Control of time and attendance
  • Third party services (Payment in cafeteria, vending areas…)

Equipment capabilities:

The award-winning Multimodal Finger VP biometric devices are developed by multinational Morpho/Safran and are fully licensed to meet global standards including: EMC/Safety standards: CE, CB, FCC, NOM, NF EN 60825-1 2008-01 (Laser Safety) and are RoHS, REACh and WEEE compliant.

“We believe this program is a powerful tool to save lives and speed up recovery time” says Jason Chaikin of Xelios Biometrics. “We are enabling first responders to better attend to their patients in a quick, efficient manner; and expect this will even lead to reduced hospitalization times.”

“We encourage hospitals to take advantage of this opportunity to increase the safety of their patients through positive identification” says Dan McCormick, president and CEO of MedicAlert Foundation. “This program is designed to protect and save lives and we are excited to be introducing myLife-Touch to the attendees of MD&M”.

For more information, visit Xelios Biometrics at booth 2241 in MD&M show (June 09-11, 2015, NY).

About Xelios Biometrics

XELIOS BIOMETRICS is a manufacturer and creator of biometric systems based on the technology from the world leader, Safran Morpho. Deploying technology initially developed for law enforcement and national security, Xelios focuses on delivering turnkey biometric solutions for the needs of today’s commercial markets. Visit and for more information.

About MedicAlert Foundation

Established in 1956, the nonprofit charity MedicAlert Foundation pioneered the use of medical ID products and delivers the most dependable, responsive, and trusted Emergency Identification and Medical Information Network. MedicAlert provides the functionality of an e-health information exchange through an innovative combination of a unique patient identifier linked to a personal health record and a live 24/7 emergency response service. MedicAlert Foundation International medical ID products alert emergency personnel to an individual’s primary health conditions, medications or
other critical information. In addition to its 24-hour emergency response service, MedicAlert Foundation International also provides family and caregiver notification so that individuals can be reunited with their loved ones. Visit for more information.

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